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Internet of Things

Internet of Things workshop is specially designed for Students/Professionals from Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science and IT who have keen interest in learning Internet of Things, The workshop starts from basics of IoT, to working on hardware, interfacing various types of sensors, working with communication modules like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, serial communication, connecting to IoT Cloud services like ThingSpeak, Twitter, IBM Watson IoT Platform etc.

Topics to be covered in workshop:

Day 1: Session 1

Introduction to Internet of Things
Scope & Job Market of IoT
Applications of IoT in Industry, Home & Smart Cities
IoT Security

Day 1: Session 2

Requirements for designing IoT Devices & Services
Introduction to a Programmable System
Introduction to Arduino & Raspberry pi
Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi
Arduino Uno Specifications & Pin Layout
Raspberry Pi Specifications & Pin Layout
Arduino Programming Fundamentals
Interfacing LED with Arduino

Day 1: Session 3

Proximity Sensor & its working
Interfacing Proximity Sensor with Arduino
Analysing Sensor data on Serial Monitor and Serial Plotter
Interfacing Temperature Sensor with Arduino
Interfacing Humidity Sensor with Arduino

Day 1: Session 4

Working with Serial Communication
LED Controlling using Serial Communication
Interfacing relay with Arduino
Designing Home Automation system using PC
Interfacing Bluetooth with Arduino
Controlling Home Appliances using Android Phone
Designing Android App for Controlling Home Appliances

Day 2: Session 1

Voice Controlled Home Automation System using Bluetooth & Google Voice Recognition System
Interfacing Electrical Motor with Arduino
Automatic Door Controlling using Proximity Sensor

Day 2: Session 2

Working with ESP8266 Wifi Module
Testing AT Commands
Connecting ESP8266 to Access Point
Creating Local webserver using ESP8266
Designing UI for IoT Dashboard and using Arduino as a Server
Controlling Devices from Local server Dashboard
Getting Started with ThingSpeak
Creating an account
Uploading data to cloud and reading data on Smartphone and PC

Day 2: Session 3

Introduction to Node-red and node.js
Installing node-red
Installing Serial port
Installing ThingSpeak node and IBM Watson node
Twitting Sensor data on Twitter
Uploading Sensor data on Thingspeak using node-red
Uploading data to IBM Watson demo Platform using node-red

Day 2: Session 4

MQTT protocol
Publisher, Subscriber
User Cases
AWS IoT Process & Architecture

Hardware Kit:

Takeaway Kit: Arduino, Arduino Cable, DHT11, BO DC Geared Motor, L293D Motor Driver, ESP8266 Wifi Module, 
Connecting Wires

Non-Takeaway Module: Relay Module, HCO5, Bulb, Wire with Plug

- A working Laptop/PC with minimum of 2 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD, intel i3+ processor
- A Seminar Hall with sitting capacity of all participants along with charging plugs, proper ventilation
- Projector, Collar Mike and Speakers
- Highspeed Internet Connectivity with open proxy (WIFI)

- Digital toolkit of PPTs and study material for all participants
- Certificate of Participation for every participant.
- A competition will be organized at the end of the workshop and winners will be awarded by Certificate of Excellence.

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