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Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

This Ethical Hacking workshop is specifically designed to provide the right knowledge to the aspiring Cyber Forensics & Ethical Hacking enthusiasts. This workshop will explore the various means that an intruder has available to gain access to computer resources. The course objective is to provide the student with a solid understanding of the Ethical Hacking techniques to the key design issues, so that the student, when working as an industrial developer, is capable of identifying the key problem points and focus his creative attention.
It will investigate weaknesses by discussing the theoretical background behind, and whenever possible, actually performing the attack.

Topics to be covered in Workshop:

Day 1: Session 1

Ethics & Hacking:

Basics of Internet, Networking & Hacking

Information gathering & Google Hacking
Basic hacks (Demo)
Windows security (Practical)
Windows security (Demo)
Registry (Demo)
Port & Services (Demo)
Securing Windows
Looking for loop holes in windows

Day 1: Session 2

SQL injections attacks (Practical)
Introduction of SQL
Getting login credentials using SQL injections (Live Demo)
Using source changes to bypass client side validation (Demo)
Live demonstration of the attack (Demo)
Using SQL injection tools (Demo)
How to protect your system from SQL Injections (Demo)

Day 2: Session 1

Man-in-the-middle attack (MITM Attack) (Practical)
What is Man-in-the-middle attack?
What is Backtrack linux (Most common unix system for ethical hacking)?
Preparation for Man-in-the-middle attack (Demo)
Setting ettercap tool for the attack (demo)
Identifying victim (Demo)
Cache poisining (Demo)
Routing table modification (Demo)
Eveasdroping (Demo)
Countermeasures against MITM attack (Demo)

Day 2: Session 2

Cross-site scripting attack (XSS) (Practical)

Phishing, trojan & viruses
What is phishing?
Social engineering used in phishing (Demo)
Phishing attack (Demo)
Phishing sites (Demo)
Protection against phishing (Demo)
Viruses: Trojans, Worms, Malware, Spyware
Modes of spreading
Different Ways a Trojan can Get into a System (Demo)
E-Mail Hacking, forging & tracing

Fake SMS & Calls

Hardware Kit: This workshop does not include any hardware kit.

- A working Laptop/PC with minimum of 1 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD, intel i3+ processor
- A Seminar Hall with sitting capacity of all participants along with charging plugs, proper ventilation
- Projector, Collar Mike and Speakers

- Digital toolkit of PPTs and study material for all participants
- Certificate of Participation for every participant.
- A competition will be organized at the end of the workshop and winners will be awarded by Certificate of Excellence.

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