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Unmanned Ground Vehicle

This workshop is a secure platform for students to enter into the field of robotics and see how actual things work. Witness the cutting edge technology from basic integration of sensors to microcontrollers to how can we make our robot a unmanned ground vehicle. The Robot will be able to navigate itself and relay a video simultaneously. The Robot can be controlled by Ground Station( Laptop ) using wireless device.

Workshop Content:

SESSION 1 # Introductory Session
• What is Unmanned Ground Vehicle?
• Terrorist Attacks & Security Considerations.
• Applications of UGVs.
• Concept of UGVs and related machines.
SESSION 2 # Design of Unmanned Ground Vehicles
• Armament Capabilities
• Countermeasures in various fields
o Mining Industry
o Bomb Disposal Squad
o Emergency Services & Safety Measures
• Guidance
o Teleoperated Capabilities
o Autonomous Capabilities
SESSION 3 # Basic Building Session of UGVs
• Electronics Components related to UGV Systems.
• Basic Circuit Modules like (Voltage Regulation, Motor Drivers etc.)
• Choosing the electronics components & assembly for purpose
• What are Integrated Circuits? Which ICs are commonly used and How?
• What are Photo sensors?
SESSION 4 # Software & Hardware Integration Session
• What is Microcontroller?
• Difference between microcontroller and micro processor with live
• Microcontroller Architecture and interfacing
• How can we use a microcontroller in our own circuits?
• Microcontroller Programming in \'C\'
• Writing your First ‘C’ Program in AVR Studio
• Compilation and debugging
• Loading Compiled ‘C’ Program on a Microcontroller using AVRDude
SESSION 5 # Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (Part 1)
Development of Line Centered Guided Vehicle
• What is a LCG Vehicle
• Testing of LCG Vehicle on ground
• Optimisation of Algorithm
Development of a Infrared Sensored Device in edge detection
• Concept Development & Algorithm materialisation
• Development of program with code optimisation
SESSION 6 # Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (Part 2)
Development of Anti Edge Detection through Infrared Sensing.
• Object/Stone Detector Techniques
• Testing of LCG Vehicle on ground
• Optimisation of Algorithm
SESSION 7 # Teleoperated Capabilities
• Vision Devices Implanting (Camera)
• Terrain Sensing Devices
• Wired Transmission & Reception of Imagery/Data/Signals
• Wireless Transmission & Reception of Imagery/Data/Signals
• Hybrid Transmission & Reception of Imagery/Data/Signals
SESSION 8 # Operating of UGVs using Cellular Phones from Master Control Center.
• DTMF Technology
• DTMF Encoders & Decoders
• Interfacing of DTMF ICs
• Concept and Algorithms
• Controlling of vehicle using cellular phone
SESSION 9 # VoIP Technology Implementation with controlling of vehicle using HTTP based mechanism.
• VoIP Technology
• VoIP integration with DTMF technologies.
• VoIP initiated circuit switched controlled vehicle.
• VoIP controlled UGV

Workshop Fees & Student takeaways :

Rs. 7500 per team of 5 participants. (inclusive of all taxes)
1. One take away kit will be delivered for a group of 5 participants.
2. Certificate of Participation will be provided to every participant.
3. Documentation & Codes related to workshop.

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