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Satellite Robotics

It is a GPS based Robotic vehicle workshop where a student could learn the art of making robotic vehicle, Programming micro controllers using embedded C, Feeding artificial intelligence in robotic vehicle, Communication protocols, Satellites and GPS, interfacing GPS module and many more.

• Introduction to Robotics
• Types of Robots
• Introduction to robotic vehicle
• Concepts on satellite
• Concepts of GPS
• System segmentation
• Communication
• Navigation equations
• Positioning

• Obstacle sensor
• Limit Switch
• Gyroscope
• Shaft Encoder
• Sensor selection criteria 

• DC motor
• Servo motor
• Stepper Motor
• Piezo actuator
• Actuator selection criteria for robotic arm
Mechanical Structure:
• Making the robotic vehicle
• Mechanical design of a robotic vehicle
• Kit identification
• Kit assembling
Circuit Board and micro controller:
• Exposure to different architectures (RISC vs. CISC)
• Why AVR? (Advantages, philosophy, architecture)
• Board details and specifications
Micro-controller Programming:
• Basics of programming
• Introduction to Embedded C programming
• Use of the Win AVR compiler
• Simple Programming practices on simple IO 
Robotic vehicle Controlling:
• Controlling the DC motors
• Controlling Speed of DC motor using PWM
• Controlling the robotic vehicle

Interfacing GPS with PC
• Study of UART communication protocol
• Communication between PC and micro controller board through UART
• Interfacing GPS module with PC
• Study of visual basic
• Communication between Google earth with GPS module
• Linking a map with GPS module
• Controlling the robotic arm through PC

Interfacing GPS with micro controller:
• Exploring the UART of micro controller
• Interfacing the GPS with micro controller
• Position detection using GPS
• Using NMEA commands for GPS communication

Fees: Rs. 1500/- per head. Kit to be given in a group of 5 members.

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