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Spy Robotics

This workshop will provide college students a base to development of SPY Robots. This will enable them to practically implement serial communication and Bluetooth Technology along with Image processing & Video processing. They will learn to transmit and receive data wireless from a distance and utilize this data in their application. They will be developing their own models by their own hands. These projects focus providing them hands on experience with two major aspects of communication. The workshop focuses on application and use of technology rather than their internal working so that a person can grasp the concepts well.

Modules to be covered:

Introductory & Theoretical session
Introduction to Robotics.
Robots and Law of Robots.
Future aspects.
Need of Microcontrollers in Autonomous Robots.
Different parts of Robot.
Wide description about Microcontrollers.
Wide description about Atmega 8
Memory organization in microcontrollers.
Input & Output peripherals in Microcontrollers.
Resisters in Microcontrollers.
Programming of Microcontrollers. 

Practical session
Interfacings of peripherals.
Output devices interfacings.
Programming for LED interfacings with Microcontrollers.
Different patterns of LED blinking.

Motor Interfacing
Actuators to be used in Robots.
Wide description about L293D.
Interfacing motor driver IC with Microcontroller.
Interfacing of Motors with microcontrollers via L293D.
Differential drive mechanism of Robot.

Development of an Autonomous Robot.

Introduction to IR sensor

Interfacing of IR sensor through microcontroller.
Introduction and working of LM358 comparator IC.

Development of obstacle avoider robot.

Serial communication & Bluetooth Technology

Accessing internal USART of microcontrollers.
Interfacing Bluetooth module with microcontrollers.
Transmitting & receiving data wirelessly through Bluetooth of Laptop/Android mobile phone.

Bluetooth Controlled Robot via laptop.

Bluetooth Controlled robot via Android mobile.

Concept of basic networking

Accessing camera in private network.

Fees: Rs. 1500/- per head. Kit to be given in a group of 5 members.

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