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Android Controlled Robotics

 This Workshop is a fast-paced program designed to give the students the hands-on experience in Robotics using ANDROID/BLUETOOTH. This workshop is primarily targeted at students who wish to discover the new technology by hands on training session. This workshop program is designed to clear your concepts in Bluetooth communication and Microcontroller Programming.

Modules to be covered:

Session 1- Introduction
Introduction about Android controlled robot
Mind behind robot
Terminology & Technology behind robots
Types of motors, motor selection, torque calculation.
Lifting weight calculation
Carrier in robotics

Session 2- Robot Drive mechanism
Introduction to microcontroller
Programming structure and algorithm
Motor driving mechanism introduction
Understanding of H bridge motor driver
Circuit designing Tips
Concept of Bluetooth interfacing
Understanding the concept of UART communication
Interfacing Bluetooth module with Microcontroller
H Bridge motor driver embedment
Programming tips

Session 3- Hands on practice
Designing of robot
Building of robots
Microcontroller Program Feeding
Robot debugging and testing
Doubt clarification

Fees: Rs. 1500/- per head. Kit to be given in a group of 5 members.


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