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 This workshop will provide college students who have basic knowledge of Basic electronics, Actuators, motors etc.
They will learn to control the robots using basic electronic components, Computer, Matlab GUI etc. They will be developing their own models by their own hands. These projects focus on developing robots. The workshop focuses on practicality and use of technology with their internal working so that a person can grasp the concepts well.

Major Topics Covered:

1. Introduction to EMBEDDED C
BASIC introduction of C
If, if else, for and while
Bitwise operators and logical operators
Array and String
2. Introduction to Embedded System
BASIC introduction AVR Microcontroller
Interfacing of led with Microcontroller
Interfacing of motor sensor with Microcontroller
3. Serial Communication
Intro to Serial Communication.
RS-232 Protocol.
Programming of Serial Communication
Controlling Device Using Serial Communication.
Intro to MATLAB
Into to m file
Intro to GUI.
Programming of Serial Communication
5. Embedded C:
What is programming language
Why C?
Printf , scanf
If , if else
For ,while
Logical operator
Bitwise operator
6. AVR IDE and Microcontroller:
Introduction to AVR STUDIO
Introduction to win AVR compiler
Installation of software.
Simple Programs and hardware implementation
Working with I/O
Interfacing Led with Microcontroller
Introduction and description of circuit of Microcontroller Board.
Interfacing motor
L293D IC Building (H-bridge)
Description of direction control using H-bridge and Microcontroller.
7. Introduction to MATLAB
Variable , array , Matrix , Indexing
Command line
Scripts and Functions.
Input/output capability.
8. USART Introduction.
Initialization of USAR.
Sending data by Serial communication.
Receiving data by Serial communication.
Controlling bot using PC
9. Programming of Serial Communication:
Introduction to X-CTU.
Sending and Receiving Data using X-CTU.
Assembling of kit
Ratification of your doubts .
10. Making graphical interface using Matlab
Introduction of GUI.
Introduction of serial communication.
Introduction of Parallel Port Programming.
Interfacing Microcontroller using Matlab.
Introduction and concept of Bluetooth
Pin Description of Bluetooth module.
Interfacing Bluetooth Module with Microcontroller.
Controlling robot with android application

Fees: Rs. 1500/- per head. Kit to be given in a group of 5 members.


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