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Aquabotix is an innovative, underwater robotics workshop where we design the Android Operated
Vehicle (AOV) using Bluetooth.

This unique course is aimed at giving the budding engineers the deep insight to what exists deep
beneath the water and why is it difficult to navigate inside water. Scientists and engineers all over the
world are working towards this very different field of science, what we call it as Underwater Robotics.
The Students will know about the various mechanism considering the modularity and hydrodynamics of
water vehicles including Autonomous Underwater Vehicle popularly known as AUV, Remotely Operated
Vehicle, Submarines and Ships. The second part will be its control system. We will move from the
discussion of Remotely Operated ones to Autopilots and Dynamic positioning. Some understanding of
physics is expected.

Topics to be covered:

 Introduction to Water Robotics
 Advancements in Robotics and Water Robotics
 Introduction & working with programmable & Intelligent Systems
 Processors & Controllers
 Development platform for Aquabotics
 Introduction to Embedded C
 Working with Embedded C
 Programming Microcontroller
 Serial Communication
 Wireless Communication using Bluetooth
 Motor Controlling using Android Application via bluetooth
 Designing & Drafting of Aquabot
 Water Resistant Safety & Precautions
 Maneuvering of Underwater/Surface water vehicles
 Surface water locomotion
 Understanding the underwater Sensing System
 Understanding the Importance of Hydrodynamics
 Modeling the Aquabot for control
 Control and Navigation
 Remotely Operated control using Android Application
 Controlling and working with Final Aquabot

Workshop Fees & Student takeaways :
Rs. 7500 per team of 5 participants. (inclusive of all taxes)
1. One take away kit will be delivered for a group of 5 participants.
2. Certificate of Participation will be provided to every participant.
3. Documentation & Codes related to workshop.

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