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Line Follower

A line follower technology is a well known application of robotics where a robot follows a black/white line using some predefined algorithms on an arena. Line follower robotics is an introductory level workshop and most lovable workshop of all time. In this workshop, students will learn the elementary concepts of the world of robotics and asked to make “Black Line Follower Robot”. As the name suggests, students will going to build the robot which will follow the black line and grasp the sensor guided mechanism in our analogy way.

1. Introduction to EMBEDDED C
BASIC introduction of C
If, if else, for and while
Bitwise operators and logical operators
Array and String
2. Introduction to Embedded System
BASIC introduction AVR Microcontroller
Interfacing of led with Microcontroller
Interfacing of motor sensor with Microcontroller
3. Motor
DC and AC Motor
Concept of Motor
Controlling direction of Motor using Motor Driver IC
5. Mobile Communication
Introduction to DTMF decoder
Robot control using Mobile
6. Embedded C
What is programming language
Why C ?
Printf ,scanf
If ,if else
For ,while
Logical operator
Bitwise operator
7. Embedded System/AVR Microcontroller/IDE
Introduction of embedded system
Introduction to microcontrollers and platform/software installation
Simple Programs and hardware implementation
Working with I/O’s
8. Interfacing IR
9. Interfacing Sound Sensor
10. Interfacing motor
11. L293D IC Building of a line Follower
12. Building of edge avoider
13. Building of wall Follower and obstacle avoider
14. Mobile Communication:
Introduction of DTMF Decoder
Mobile Controlling Robot
15. Testing and Trouble shooting
Testing and troubleshooting at every step of circuit designing
Various trouble shooting techniques

Fees: Rs. 1200/- per head. Kit to be given in a group of 5 members.


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