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In the 21st century, the definition of successful businesses has switched from large investment industries to E-Commerce and its successful management. One such trending terminology is Webpreneursip - wherein entire multimillion brands are being set up in virtual offices, the famous examples being HYPERLINK "", flipkart, redbus, and Snapdeal,. MEdiplus... This exclusive workshop on Webpreneurship will get to know about the working as well as the success mantra for these companies and will guide you through the basics of establishing your own empire.

Objectives of the Workshop

• Why Entrepreneurship
• How to Create your own Web-based Start-up
• Designing Business Plan & Marketing Plan
• Administer CMS as website
• Create E-commerce Website
• Setting up Payment Gateway
• SEO & SMO Techniques
• Investors & Ventures Funding

Modules to be covered:

1. Motivational Session on Opting Entrepreneur as career
2. Entrepreneurship & today’s era
3. Entrepreneurial Motivation & Competences
4. Role of Innovation & Creativity
5. Business Opportunity
6. Business Regulations & Support Systems
7. Business Plan
8. Marketing Plan
9. The Operations Plan
10. Organizational Plan
Web-Based Start Up 
1. Web based business & Ecommerce
2. Generating Web based Ideas
3. What is ecommerce?
4. How it works
5. What can you sell online?
6. E-commerce as a standalone business
7. Coming up with a strategy and business plan
8. Choosing a shopping cart
9. Sell directly on Facebook
10. Key considerations (shipping, payment, etc)
11. Time investments
Web Based Technologies 
1. Understanding different Web Technologies.
2. Understanding Web Layout.
3. Basic about HTML Programming.
4. Creating First Web Page
5. Type of Script Language
6. Difference between Server Side & Client Side Scripting
7. What is Web Server (Hosting) & Domain Name
8. How to Register Domain Name & buy hosting space.
9. How to Create Profession Professional Email-Ids like
10. Basic about Database (MySQL)
1. What is CMS ?
2. What is Joomla, Drupal & Wordpress ?
3. Working on Joomla
4. Joomla Installation & Configuration
5. Installing Modules, Plugins & Components.
6. Configuring CMS
7. Menus & Page Creation
8. Installing Theme
9. Launching Joomla Website
E-Commerce Website 
1. Creating E-Commerce Website
2. Configuring Backend Panel & CMS
3. Creating Products & Service Categories
4. Product/Service Listing
5. Process for Getting Payment Gateway
6. How to Configure Automated Payment Gateway.
7. Setting Up Shipment Terms & Delivery
8. Defining Privacy Policy, T&C, Refund Policy etc.
Hosting Administration, Marketing & Social Networking 
1. Hosting Administration with CPanel.
2. Creating Back Ups.
3. Introduction about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
4. SEO in Joomla. 5
5. Google Adwords (Pay per click)
6. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
7. SEO on HTML Websites.
8. Favicon.
9. Facebook & Google Analytics Session
10. Email Marketing


Duration: The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days, with eight hour session each day in a total of sixteen hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions.

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