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Campus to Corporate

"In business and workplace, efficiency has to be transformed to effectivity and the catalyst is one\'s self confidence."

The need for campus to corporate originates from the dynamic environment that we operate in, though our education system prepares us thoroughly & intellectually, the work challenges require various business skills that are not part of curriculum in many institutions today.

A specially designed programme for management and engineering graduates, new joinees in your organization, to help them make a smooth transition from the college campus to the corporate office. The programme seeks to make the participants introspect, hone up their corporate skills, enjoy the fun-filled activities and gain knowledge & self confidence.

This workshop will help in:

  • Honing Corporate Skills
  • Understanding the essence of inter personal relationship
  • Fine tuning personal grooming
  • Overcoming performance anxiety
  • Being assertive in your communication
  • Confidently handling Interviews & Group Discussions
  • Customer Handling & Presentation Skills
  • Time Management & Stress Handling


Modules to be covered:

1. Cover letter and Resume writing
1.1 Design and structure
1.2 Personal information
1.3 Career Objective
1.4 Education Qualification
1.5 Work Experience
1.6 Achievements
2. Body Language
2.1 Gestures
2.2 Postures
2.3 Eye contact
2.4 Facial Expression
2.5 Proxemics
2.6 Para language
3. Aptitude & Soft Skills
3.1 Basic arithmetic and algebra
3.2 Data interpretation and sufficiency
3.3 Analytical and logical reasoning
3.4 Nonverbal reasoning
3.5 Importance of technical communication
3.6 Communication skills
3.7 Modes of communication
3.8 Barriers of communication
4. Group Discussions and Extempore Speaking Skills
4.1 Characteristics
4.2 Evaluation parameters
4.3 Different types of GDs
4.4 Approaches to GD
4.5 Dos and Don’ts for GD
5. Personal Interviews
5.1 Types of interviews
5.2 Skills and attributes desired
5.3 Preparing for the interview
5.4 Factors which lead to failure
5.5 Interview process
5.6 Telephonic interview
6. Presentation Skills
6.1 Planning
6.2 Know your audience
6.3 Outlining and structuring
6.4 Modes of delivery
6.5 Guidelines for effective presentation
6.6 Visual elements
7. Time Management
7.1 Characteristics of time
7.2 Evaluate usage of time
7.3 Time matrix
7.4 Goal setting
7.5 Benefits of time management
7.6 Time wasters
7.7 Dealing with different time wasters
7.8 Personal aspects of time management
7.9 Time sheet
7.10 Self analysis
8.  Stress Management
8.1 Relationship between time and stress management
8.2 Meaning of stress
8.3 Characteristics of stress
8.4 Reasons for stress
8.5 Problems created because of stress
8.6 Plan to conquer stress
8.7 Stress and pressure
8.8 Good stress and bad stress
8.9 Self analysis
9.  Email Writing
9.1 Types of emails
9.2 Advantages and limitations
9.3 ABC of email writing
9.4 Email etiquette
9.5 Structure
9.6 Emoticons and acronyms
Duration: The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days, with eight hour session each day in a total of sixteen hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions


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