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Digital Circuit Implementation using FPGA

Data processing, system control and real-time monitoring have become indispensable to the modern
industrial environment. Digital electronics has rendered the widely used analog controllers obsolete.
Field programmable controllers like FPGA have introduced versatility and flexibility in control. While
many of us may be stuck behind age-old microcontrollers, Currents provides you the opportunity to
enter the digital era. Using FPGA, you can build your own digital circuits, you can simulate processors
and interface memory devices to your ultimate control platform, that is FPGA.
This workshop is aimed at training you in basic digital electronics, encoding and decoding tasks using
HDL, and bolstering you with the ability to implement digital blocks as well as processor blocks.
Participants will also learn memory device interfacing and file accessing. This workshop would also serve
as valuable bridging course to those aiming towards specializing in digital electronics. Moreover, we
would also equip you to with all necessary knowledge and materials to pursue projects in this field.

Topics to be covered:

Day 1: Session 1

Introduction to basic electronics.
Encoding and Decoding using FPGA.
Basic HDL Coding Techniques
Learn Hardware Descriptive Language (HDL) using

Day 1: Session 2

Simulation software.
Virtex and Spartan FPGA HDL Coding Techniques

Day 2: Session 1

Digital circuits using FPGA.
Working with Plan ahead
Implementing designs with Plan ahead
Area Constraints using Plan ahead

Day 2: Session 2

Routing Problems and Routing Optimization using Plan ahead
Processor block implementation
Development of a control system using FPGA.

Hardware Kit: This workshop does not include any hardware kit.

- A working Laptop/PC with minimum of 2 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD, intel i3+ processor
- A Seminar Hall with sitting capacity of all participants along with charging plugs, proper ventilation
- Projector, Collar Mike and Speakers

- Digital toolkit of PPTs and study material for all participants
- Certificate of Participation for every participant.
- A competition will be organized at the end of the workshop and winners will be awarded by Certificate of Excellence.

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