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Struggling with all the buttons and menus on your new camera? Frustrated with the quality of your photos?
Bored of your routine? Don’t know what to do on weekend? Well, then you can join us on our creative
photography workshop. The workshop also aims to make the participants know the different features available
on their camera and how to make best use of it for creative and fun photography and also how you can earn
from it.

Objective of the workshop:
Basic photography, Composition, Macro, Basic 360 Spherical and rectilinear panoramic shoots, basic 3d stereo
photography, 3d movie making tips, HDR imagine,auto & manual time-lapse using any camera, creating time
lapse movies on computer, uploading a video on a website like google video and youtube.

Workshop Fees : Rs 1500/-

Age group : 12-65

Requirement : Passion for experimentation, any camera, basic computer & internet knowledge.

PARTICIPANTS has to bring in their camera, data cable, card reader and laptop if possible . Students should be comfortable using a mouse, opening and saving files, and should know navigating on the computer. Bring in your laptop if possible.
After the workshop students will be in contact with others through group interactions, and will be invited for
future field trips.

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