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Orgnise our Workshop / Training?


If you thought calligraphy is just about writing – think again

You can design:

Fabric, Curtains, Clothes, Shoes, Posters, Accessories, Fonts, Greeting cards, Visiting cards, Scrolls, CDs, Tattoos ..Actually, just about anything!

And thats exactly what we do!

Overview, Content & Syllabus
This involves:
 Introduction to new tools (Metal nibs, roller brushes, angular sponge, flat paintbrushes, markers etc)
 New techniques & mediums (syringe, strings, toothbrushes etc)
 Creation of new tools (Quill, feather, wooden tools etc)
 Art, composition, colour
 Creation of CD cover, Book cover, Logo etc
 Working on different mediums for commercial use (Clothes, accessories, Mugs, Waste paper basket etc)

Fees: Rs. 1000/- per head. 

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