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Flash and Film Designing

 In just a few years Flash has become the premier Web animation tool. Much of what can be done with Flash can be done with JavaScript or more particularly Java. But what makes Flash ubiquitous is that it is both an authoring tool and a file format and its power is eclipsing other tools. For a general tool to create interactive application in minimal time, Flash is at the head of its class. Apart from this, it fosters the spirit of creativity, innovation and team work. It gives us a chance not only to conceive but also to create.

Topics to be covered:

o about self
o interactive session
- about animation
- about flash
- application of flash
o basic interface
o brief introduction of all panels
- stage
- property pallet
- timeline pallet
- tools
Familiarizing Basic tools
o how to use all the tools
o explaining the stage properties
o changing properties of all objects
Time Line
o frames, layers, play head
o explaining what is animation with the help of persistence of vision
o frame by frame animation
o introduction of tweening
o motion Tweening with examples
o Motion guide tweening with examples
o shape tween with examples
o effects created with the combinations of all above tweenings
o introduction of masking
o simple examples of masking
o complex animations created with masking
o brief introduction of all type of symbols
o types
o creating reusable objects
Movie Clip
o management of timeline with the help of movie clip
o creating animated reusable objects
o creating complex animation with simple movie clips
o explanation a button in detail
o creating simple buttons
o creating interactive buttons
o creating animated buttons
o time line scripting
o script on buttons
o script on movie clip
o advance scripting
- Page linking.
- Mail script
- mouse cursor
- dice
- location control of any object
- sound control scripting
Importing videos

o Creating FLV
- Publishing
o Publish settings
o Finalizing publishing

Duration: The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days, with eight hour session each day in a total of sixteen hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions

Fee: Rs. 1200/- (inclusive of all Taxes) per participant

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