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Pen & Ink Painting

 Painting is the art of expressing your feelings on paper. This activity will help you put down what you feel with ink. Using a pen is perhaps the most convenient and low-cost form of art. Everyone doodles from time to time, and this class will help you take those simple figures and add elegance and drama to it to make it simply incredible. This workshop will be conducted by experienced and passionate artists, who can show you how simple lines and dots can make a difference in art. Learn about the techniques of loose-mark making with hatching, crosshatching, pointillism, and adding ink washes to a picture with pens. Learn how to establish mood, movement, colour, and depth in your pictures. You will leave this class with a better understanding of ink painting and will be able to create masterpieces easily.

Learn the art of ink painting from experienced artists
Learn the techniques of adding ink washes, pointillism and more to improve your paintings
Practice and brush up your skills to create masterpieces using pen and ink mediums

Fees: Rs. 1000/- per head

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