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Faculty Development Program

Faculty development has become a priority at many academic institutions as a way to improve the quality of academic programs and to respond to emerging faculty, student, program, and industry needs.

To create effective faculty development programs, it’s important to get the faculty members’ perspectives on what is actually needed. Without this input and the opportunity for faculty to collaborate and engage in growth and dialogue around common topics of interest, the essence of faculty development is lost.

Effective faculty development program checklist:

  • Understand the roles and expectations of your faculty.
  • Develop respect and trust with your faculty as learners.
  • Review a wide perspective for consistent new abilities that addresses all the aspects that impact faculty success in each setting.
  • Connect the institutional/organizational culture with your faculty development culture.
  • Conduct a needs assessment to establish relevant program outcomes.
  • Solicit timely and effective feedback.
  • Design and implement a variety of programs to meet diverse needs.
  • Prepare staff developers.
  • Implement reward structures for participation in faculty development programs.
  • Build a culture for learning based on collaboration, teamwork, and shared vision.

How we do it?

It have the same procedure we follow with Corporate Training, We will have a discussion with the Head of the Department and the Principal regarding your requirements and then our expert panel will customize the course content as per your requirement and provide tailor made training solutions in order to save time, money and energy of both the parties.

We also suggest to organize these programs and invite (themselves or let us invite) faculties from other colleges to attend the same so that good interaction as well as a ecosystem of knowledge upgradation can be created.
Our trainers are the experts and Qualified Professionals who are capable of guiding their peers from college in the similar domain about the industry standards and can make them reach a level higher than their current abilities.
Faculty development programs can be organized for any domain on any topic with the help of HT India Labs.

HT India Labs strengths:

· Standardized training content
· Experienced / Reputed Trainers
· Presence across the country
· Reputation of quality, professionalism & excellence

We are always ready to serve you at our best. We would be happy to customize training modules according to expectation and needs of the college/institution.


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