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We will be glad to have you as one of the ambassadors.

After last year\'s success, HT India Labs is back with its HT India labs Ambassador Program. HT India Labs has grown tremendously and the expansion was well supported by all the Students all over the India.
HT India Labs Ambassador Program is a chance for you to become a part of the organizing team Member of Training and Workshops. Join the team of HT India Labs ambassadors from all over the nation working to publicize the Company. Learn on the job and give your soft skills a boost.

Responsibilities --
The framework of responsibilities that we expect the ambassadors to take on:

  • Coordinating with us in organizing the workshops in respective college (Foremost responsibility).
  • Putting up posters of our events on student notice boards
  • Forwarding the mailers to their student mailing list.
  • Publicizing our events on their social media channels by sharing the link of our event

Why you should apply -
The reasons why you should apply for it:

  • An opportunity to increase your communication skills as you get to interact with other College Ambassadors.
  • Get a chance to build a strong network with other College Ambassadors and HT India Labs team.
  • Get a chance to participate and publicize HT India Labs related activities on your college Campus..
  • To Become Best Ambassador of Year 2015-2016

Benefits -
Benefits of being a HT India Labs Ambassador:

  • An official HT India Labs certificate validating your work as HT India Labs Ambassador.
  • Time to time opportunities to win HT India Labs goodies like T-shirts, bags and much more.
  • Recognition in the form of name integration on the HT India Labs website.
  • Monetary and financial benefits on the number of students enrolled in the workshops organized.
  • Special awards and rewards based on the performance
  • 30% Discounts on HT India Labs Trainings Program.
  • Free Entry Passes for HT India Labs Conference/ Workshop.
  • Chances to organize workshops and Trainings.

Note: **Candidate may be hired full time also if the work done is exceptionally well.

How do I apply? -
Click on the link given Below:
Apply here to be our campus ambassador, fill the form and We will contact you in 24 hours

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