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Web Development


A good website is a window to the internet world. Creating a website for internet drives a company to embrace the global compatibility. In the future, web development will certainly spread out to modern horizons with customer oriented strategy as well as cut throat levels of competition.
This Web Development workshop aims for a solid understanding of the Web Design and Development Techniques to the key design issues and focus your creativity. Learn how to develop professional websites within 2 days. Take our Web Development course and get to know the finer aspects of HTML, JavaScript, Content management systems and website management.

Topics to be covered in workshop

» About Internet

» Basics of HTML and HTML5

» Styling the website using CSS

» Development and project management in Aptana Studio

» Adaptation of website design into development stage using Adobe Photoshop

» JavaScript through JQuery and implementing Image Gallery

» Introduction to PHP

» Creating Forms and Validation

» Creating Contact form in PHP

» Web server setup

» Introduction to new trends in website development like WordPress, CSS3 animations

» Search Engine Optimization

» Third Party Tools & Javascripting Session

The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days, with six hour session each day in a total of twelve hours.

Fees: Rs. 1200/- per head inclusive of all taxes